Another show to follow the quintessential ‘BRIDE SWAP’ track!

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Another show to follow the quintessential ‘BRIDE SWAP’ track!

It has turned out to be such a repeating wonder, to the point that we wind up expounding on it rather frequently. Yes, you got it right, we are discussing the clich√© and done-and-tidied idea of ‘Lady of the hour Swapping.’

Over the time, current TV indicates wind up utilizing this plotline in their shows as a rule. As of late, we perceived how best shows like “Ishqbaaaz” and ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ received the track.

Also, now, sticking to this same pattern is another show and that is none other than Sony TV’s ‘Yeh Moh Ke Dhaage.’

Yes. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Mukhi (Eijaz Khan) is at long last getting hitched in the show which has been a definitive objective of Aru (Niyati Fatnani) since the very first moment. Since things have become alright and Mukhi is good to go to get hitched to Dharmishtha (Jia Mustafa), things will go the other route as Rami Ben’s (Ananya Khare) ground breaking strategy will be given something to do. The ladies will be swapped at last and Aru herself will come dressed as the lady of the hour to get hitched to Mukhi.

Will the marriage continue without all the more such hindrances? Also, what precisely has happened to Dharmishtha? The truth will surface eventually!

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