#BB11: Here’s why Hiten finally LOST his cool on Sapna Choudhary!

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November 15, 2017
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#BB11: Here’s why Hiten finally LOST his cool on Sapna Choudhary!

In Bigg Boss Season 11, there has clearly been a plenty of battles, however in the midst of this, there is just a single individual that has kept up his quiet and self-restraint and that is Hiten Tejwani.

Be that as it may, just yesterday we saw Hiten loosing his cool on Akash Dadlani when the last was seen prompting him on outlandish allegations and naming it to be ‘entertaining.’

The watchers will now get the chance to see the forceful side of Hiten by and by as things in the extravagance spending errand will go haywire.

As known, the housemates are isolated into two groups, where one is Team Dinosaurs and the other is Team Dino Park Rangers.

Also, Team Dinosaurs, who comprises of Luv Tyagi, Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta should pulverize the statue which has a hopeful’s photograph on it.

It will so happen that Luv will evidently collaborate and design with Hina Khan and attempt to persuade Vikas to break Sapna’s statue, which Vikas will decline to do. This will get Sapna irate and she will simply ahead and break the statue herself.

Obviously, this was against the principles and an angry Bigg Boss would call Hiten inside the house and reprove him on the demeanor of the housemates.

A significantly more angry Hiten will stand firm against the entire thing and shoot Sapna on for what reason did she break the statue, when it was clarified that you can’t do that! An upset Sapna will pay no notice to Hiten’s words and will keep on blabbering on how she couldn’t care less about anything.

Hiten, but irate will attempt and influence Sapna to comprehend by illuminating her about how Bigg Boss called him inside and checked him and the housemates that this will be another disappointment of the extravagance spending errand.

What do you need to state?

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