#BB11: And This Team WINS The BB Lab Luxury Budget Task!

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#BB11: And This Team WINS The BB Lab Luxury Budget Task!

Bigg Boss Season 11’s the current week’s extravagance spending assignment ended up being very engaging. The BB Task isolated the house into two groups. Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi and Luv are in Team One and Team Two comprises of Hina, Priyank, Hiten and Akash, with Puneesh being the sanchalak.

Recently Team 2 were to act like robots and demonstrate no feelings while Team 1 attempted to motivate them to act out outrage, giggling and tears.

What’s more, today is the turn of Team 2 to target Team 1 and get them to grandstand their feelings. Furthermore, we definitely know to what lengths Team 2 will go to get Team 1 to respond. While Priyank and Hina lash out at Vikas Gupta and question Vikas’ moves, Hiten takes on the appearance of a woman in Arshi’s garments and tries to get Shilpa, Vikas and Arshi to snicker. Akash does not remain back as he too moves around Team 1 in simply his undies to make them laugh out loud.

In any case, Team 1 does not move and goes ahead to win the extravagance spending assignment. While as indicated by sanchalak Puneesh, Team 2 scored 60 focuses, Team One scored more by responding less, in this way going ahead to win the extravagance spending assignment of this current week.

All things considered, sanchalak Puneesh was additionally blamed for favoring with Vikas and Team.

While the undertaking has been hellfire lotta a good time for us to watch, we as a whole do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that many relations in the Bigg Boss house have now turned out to be stressed. Presently the truth will surface eventually where will things go in the Bigg Boss house from here on.

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