BrahmaRakshas keeps up the thrill and suspense

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August 30, 2016
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BrahmaRakshas keeps up the thrill and suspense

The thriller series Brahmarakshas connected with the viewers from its first day. It is really a change on weekends from the comedy or reality shows. It seems that the story relates to films of 1990’s where ghost haunts the family to take revenge for their past deeds. The series is about the Demon in Kamalpura who hates red color and kills any bride wearing sindoor and mangalsutra.
Rishabh, Raina and other family members came to Kamalpura to perform Rishabh’s sister Rakhi’s marriage with Ajay, Raina’s cousin. But, Rakhi loves Varun and asks Rishabh to convince their mother Mohini for the alliance. While Rishabh is about to reveal Varun’s truth to everyone, Varun gets caught by Mohini in Rakhi’s room. Everyone gets angry and asks Varun to forget Rakhi and beats him.

On the other hand, Rakhi is adamant to marry Varun and asks Rishabh to help her. Rishabh and Raina made Rakhi to elope from her marriage which shocks both the families. Rakhi and Varun reached the temple to get married. Pandit asks them not to apply Sindoor or wear Mangalsutra, but they refuse to hear him and Varun fills Rakhi’s maang. Aditya and other family members get to know about Rakhi’s marriage with Varun at the temple. They get shocked knowing Rakhi wore a bridal red dress and mangalsutra. They rush to save Rakhi and Varun from the deadly attack of Brahmarakshas.

Meanwhile, Rishabh sends Rakhi and Varun in a taxi and asks them to stay happy. Just then, Aditya comes there and reveals the Brahmarakshas truth. Rishabh and Raina get worried and start searching for them. But till that time Brahmarakshas attacks Varun and he gets killed. Rishabh and Raina reach there and finds Rakhi helplessly crying and Brahmarakshas attacks Rakhi. They try to save Rakhi from Brahmarakshas, but Rakhi gets killed in front of their eyes. Mohini blames Rishabh and Raina for Rakhi’s death as they help her to elope with Varun. Rishabh feels himself responsible for Rakhi’s and Varun death. Raina motivates Rishabh to fight with Brahmarakshas and get justice for Rakhi’s death.

Rishabh and Raina get to know about Brakhmarakshas that he was Thakur Sanjay who was killed by his wife on Poornima. Rishabh and Raina decide to go Sanjay’s haveli to find some clues that can help them to fight and stop Brahmarakshas from killing innocent brides. Rishabh gets a call to attend a video call from Apu maa (Aparajita) and Raina leaves alone for Sanjay’s haveli. Raina finds Sanjay and Aparajita’s portrait and does not recognize Aparajita as Rishabh’s Apu maa as they never met before. Raina brings Rishabh to Sanjay’s haveli to show him the portrait, but till that time Brakhmarakshas has spoiled the portrait and Rishabh did not see Apu maa in the portrait.

Brahmarakshas attacks Mohini and lifts her in the air. Everyone gets shocked, but Raina saves Mohini by showing lotus to the Brahmarakshas. Raina thinks Rishabh is possessed by Brahmarakhas as he is nowhere when Mohini gets attacked. Raina confronts Rishabh and cross checks him. Raina gets confirmed that Rishabh is not possessed by Brahmarakshas and plans to defeat Brahmarakshas.
Raina desires to get justice for Rakhi and is ready to marry Rishabh to persuade Brahmarakshas to come infront of them. Raina also expresses that marriage is just to get justice for Rakhi and save many other innocent brides.

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