‘Call for Fun’: Frothy and raunchy entertainer

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‘Call for Fun’: Frothy and raunchy entertainer

Film: “Call for Fun”

Executive: Janak Toprani

Cast: Zaan Khan, Aashish Gade, Charu Asopa, Shubhangi Mehrotra and Prasad Shikhare

Rating: **

Executive Janak Toprani’s “Call For Fun” is an outlandish, transitioning, youthful grown-up, screwball comic drama.

The kooky melody with the verses, “Celebrate haar ya fall flat” sets the ball moving for an energetic perky story. The plot pivots around Yash, a young man who assumes control over the mantle from his dad, in his call focus business when the last chooses to go to the US to go to his pregnant little girl’s conveyance.

At the workplace, the youthful and yearning Yash with the mantra, “jo quick hai who first hai”, makes all the wrong moves in business and winds up bankrupt. How his seven school companions act the hero to enable him to rescue the circumstance shapes the core of the story.

“Call for Fun” is an anything-goes comic drama that relaxes close to the conclusion to convey a couple of knockout punches about relationship, treating the old and desolate with empathy and above all else about, not breaking ones’ trust. The informing which comes as a blast toward the end appears to be organized and constrained.

The sole concentration of the film is maybe to inspire chuckles. It tries hard, too hard, to get a snicker out of the watcher, mass shelling the group of onlookers with jokes stuffed with, dream and dream successions, innuendoes and puns.

With a run time of more than two hours, the film drags pointlessly. A couple of minutes into the film and the oddity factor wears off with the account exhaustion setting in.

In any case, it is the joie-de-vivre of the youthful cast that lights up the screen – Zaan Khan as Yash, Shubhangi Mehrotra as Anu, Charu Asopa as Sush, Prashant Kanaujia as Lucky, Prasad Shikre as Paddy, Swagata Naik as Katy, Priyanka Arya as Rinku and Aashish Gade as Vasu, are for the most part equipped and critical. Every one in the group cast depicts their character with fervor and genuineness. Linesh Fanse as Dabla Supari – the wear, has an effect with his trustworthy execution and emerges.

Outwardly, the film is lively and brilliant with regards to the class and the casings are additionally upgraded by the utilization of particular 2D illustrations.

The music is exuberant and the tunes are very much incorporated into the story.

By and large, this light performer focusing on the young is a fun watch on the off chance that you are prepared to disregard the equation based wobbly story and sermonizing messages. This one calls just for some good times.

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