Colors’ shows swaying to success with sudden TRP rise

Paridhi to take Devi’s avatar to become Rajbeer’s Kawach
August 25, 2016
Love complications win interest in Udaan
August 27, 2016

Colors’ shows swaying to success with sudden TRP rise

Colors’ superhit shows Swaragini and Thapki Pyaar Ki are going good in Telly trade. But, the shows which suddenly enrolled in the TRP race with shocking twists are Udaan, Shakti, Kawach and Kasam. These are the ruling ones on the channel right now, garnering good viewership by the track changes. Audience wants shows with changing tracks and non dragging story. With such competition from other channels, managing to be in the top league of shows is not an easy thing, but Colors has been going stable and has become a top entertainment channel.

Udaan dipped a lot in recent times. The bride swapping done in Chakor and Vivaan’s marriage has upset the audience and viewers will not much willing to see the show with cross pairings. Nevertheless, Imli and Vivaan’s romance started and Suraj and Chakor are also getting appreciated by the viewers now. Both the new couples’ chemistry is liked a lot. Suraj and Chakor’s hate-love story is soon catching up and is quite interesting. The show is back in the TRP race because of Suraj and Chakor’s track. The big twist of a love triangle is soon going to begin, as Suraj realizes his feelings for Imli while she has fell in love with Vivaan.

Shakti is much loved just for Soumya and Harman’s unconditional love and the lead actors’ chemistry. Rubina and Vivian are the most talked about actors. The concept has taken a backseat now, as chemistry between leads has become a very strong point working in favor of the show. Soumya and Surbhi have a great sisterly bonding and love between them as of now. Surbhi is helping Soumya at every step to secure her life and marriage, but with Surbhi falling in love with Harman, the equations between the sisters would change. There may be sister rivalry and hate track in the show.

Rishi and Tanuja’s romance is slowly getting interesting. Rishi and Tanuja start working in same office and have few romantic moments that reminds of Rishi and Tanu. The history repeating itself track is good as along as Ssharad Malhotra is emoting passionate love. Shivani Tomar is bringing innocence in Tanuja’s character. Rishi’s madness for Tanu is very much liked. Tanuja has landed in Rishi’s house and takes care of his Biji, who falls unwell by high fever. Rishi’s mother Rano feels insecure seeing poor Tanuja around, fearing that the girl will trap Rishi in her love. Rano wants to keep Tanuja away from Rishi, but circumstances bring Rishi and Tanuja closer.

Meanwhile, Kawach fell short in viewership recently, but got a good high by Arjun Bijlani’s entry as Jin. As the show depends on leads and their chemistry, bonding between Rajbeer and Paridhi will be seen again. Rajbeer understands the bitter truth of Saudamini and Manjulika possessing Paridhi and his bodies till now. He feels much sorry for not believing his love before. Rajbeer and Paridhi will come together to fight against Manjulika now. Viewers will get to see their romance packed in action.

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