Family drama and action sequences back in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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July 24, 2016
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Family drama and action sequences back in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya has learnt sweet making and made laddoos for the big Balaji temple Prasad. Pandit accepts Sandhya’s hand made prasad for bhog after she wins challenge over Dipen. She succeeds to expose Dipen after he ruins Sandhya’s hard work. Sandhya earns Sooraj’s name and respect back. She runs Rathi sweet shop successfully by getting the lost trust of customers. Meanwhile, Bhabho worries as Sandhya’s delivery gets close. All the family members believe Sandhya is best life partner for Sooraj and has fulfilled all his duties when Sooraj stays paralyzed.

Sandhya reaches the shop at night when Bhabho suggests her to take rest. Sandhya starts making sweets in order to fulfill the big order before hand. Sooraj finds Sandhya at the shop and accompanies her morally. Suddenly, Sandhya starts getting labor pain and has no one helpful around. Sooraj gets to know that the shops shutter is damaged and worries that none of the family members know about Sandhya and his presence at the shop. Fortunately, Bhabho calls Sandhya and gets to know her condition. Bhabho and the family members rush to help Sandhya. Sooraj panics seeing Sandhya’s state. The urgency of the situation makes him recover from paralysis. While everyone tries to lift the shutter, they all get surprised seeing Sooraj fine. Sandhya delivers the baby girl at the shop. Bhabho names her Kanak and regards her very auspicious for the family. Bhabho changes the sweet shop name to Kanak sweet shop because Kanak was born there.

Things get well and few months pass. The track recently shifted to Sandhya rejoining her police duty. Sooraj works hard and meets several police officers to convince them to give another chance to Sandhya. Sandhya’s senior hands over the joining offer to Sandhya and tells her Sooraj’s efforts to fulfill her dreams once again. Everyone calls them perfect couple. Sandhya resumes her job and gets nervous on the first day. Bhabho and Sooraj encourage her. Sandhya lands in police station and gets warm welcome by her staff.

A new character SP Arpita Khanna was introduced. Arpita has served the police department by taking Sandhya’s place and responsibilities since the last 15 months. She regards herself very deserving to the forthcoming promotion slated in the next few months. Arpita starts feeling insecure with Sandhya’s return and is ready to do anything to prove Sandhya incapable. She uses the fact that Sandhya was on a long break and would not be able to fulfill her duties like before. With her sugary talks, Arpita fools Sandhya and makes her prepare Jalebis in police canteen. Sandhya falls in trouble by her generous nature. Arpita then gives wrong case details to Sandhya, which makes Sandhya nab an innocent person instead a drug dealer. The seniors lose faith in Sandhya and decide to put her on a trial of one month of service.

Sandhya recalls the wrong information provided to her and gets to the root of the matter. She finds out Arpita’s dirty tactics and confronts for her misdeeds. Sandhya warns Arpita to be sincere towards her job. Sandhya’s other son Vansh visits Rathi family with an ulterior motive of finding his real parents. He seeks help from Ved. Ved and Vansh reach the hospital to check birth records, but Sooraj stops them from finding the truth. Sooraj informs Sandhya about Vansh’s motives. Sandhya suggests Sooraj to keep the truth hidden. Sandhya succeeds to catch the bank robbers by her bravery and smartness. She saves many innocent people and proves her abilities. The police department feels proud of Sandhya.

On the other hand, Vansh gets more curious and determined to find his real parents. Vansh lands in trouble as the fraud person fools him to be his son, to ease out money on pretext of his mother’s illness. Bhabho has kept Sooraj money in the cupboard, Vansh wants to take the money to help his fraud father. Vansh opens the locker and takes all the cash. The show will now focus on children, where Sandhya will emotionally pacify Vansh and deal with his adoption truth.

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