This ‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya’ actor lost a LOT of weight for his role!

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This ‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya’ actor lost a LOT of weight for his role!

Star Bharat’s new show Kaal Bhairav Rahasya featuring Sargun Kaur, Chhavi Pandey and Rahul Sharma has the gathering of people enchanted. What you don’t think about this attractive male lead is that he has diminished a considerable measure weight for the show. Rahul realized that getting fit as a fiddle was not going to occur without any forethought. Along these lines, the on-screen character was resolved to take a shot at his physic and saw astonishing outcome.

Discussing his progress the performer shared, “The adventure has been groundbreaking. We don’t understand the amount we overlook our body now and then. In any case, since I was resolved to end up noticeably fit, I gave careful consideration to everything – from the sustenance I eat, to the hours of rest I get – I checked everything. I should state, it was an enlightening adventure; I’m more in contact with myself than any other time in recent memory – inwardly, physically and profoundly.”

He proceeded with, “I never trusted individuals who said ‘Your body is a temple’… I generally thought it was a misrepresentation. I believe I can at long last join the wagon of individuals who love and treat their bodies like sanctuary. ‘No Pain No Gain’ is something I emphatically put stock in.”

Chhavi Pandey and Sargun Kaur are seen inverse Rahul in the show.

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