Karan Patel’s wife Ankita Bhargava falls a victim to ‘SHADEISM’!

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Karan Patel’s wife Ankita Bhargava falls a victim to ‘SHADEISM’!

Online networking gives us a window to talk our psyches however a few people go too far while communicating.

Ankita Bhargava, who was as of late in Indonesia with her better half Karan Patel fell prey to shadeism for her current web-based social networking post.

The woman lashed out against the haters who trolled her online for being darker than her significant other.

Ankita answered:

“I am not sufficiently shallow to have a complex about my appearance. I am more attractive and darker, both in the meantime than the vast majority of my companions and associates from the business. With respect to Karan being more attractive, how does that make a difference? We are not managed by the British any longer, we are cocoa, that is the thing that we are. Being not all that reasonable by all accounts does not make me a lesser individual. I am as yet a not too bad spouse, a little girl, a sister, a companion as I would like to think and I am attempting to show signs of improvement with each passing day, learning and developing,”

Karan Patel’s supporters from his fan pages likewise remained by her and reposted the remark.

Well said Ankita!

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