Neha Dhupia slams ‘BODY SHAMING’ in Roadies Rising!

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March 22, 2017
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Neha Dhupia slams ‘BODY SHAMING’ in Roadies Rising!

Neha Dhupia touched an essential theme in the Delhi tryouts of ‘MTV Roadies Rising’. She raised a worry about ‘body disgracing’ young ladies confront in India.

A 21-year-old youthful contender, Jagruti who had come to try out for ‘MTV Roadies Rising’ obviously asserted that she had lost 25 kgs in only 7 months.

Tuning in to this the pack pioneers were a tiny bit shocked!

At the point when Neha requested that the hopeful do burpees (an activity comprising of a squat push), she proved unable. It was then that the group pioneers got the candidate’s lie and tested further to get to reality.

Rannvijay requested that the candidate share her Instagram ID and it was then uncovered that the challenger had started the way toward getting more fit in 2015 and not 7 months back.

Later on, the candidate agreed that she had lied since she needed to seem amazing before the group pioneers.

Remarking on the circumstance, Neha stated, “If a man claims that she has lost 25 kgs in 7 months, it is practically on a par with losing an individual out of your body. It is exceptionally pitiful. In this nation, a ton of young ladies experience the ill effects of self-perception issues.”

While conversing with the competitor, she affirmed, “Not just have you misled us, you have offended a whole arrangement of ladies who are experiencing edifices. You have not remained for what is correct.”

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