Om Puri’s GHOST seeking REVENGE?

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Om Puri’s GHOST seeking REVENGE?

At the point when India was grieving the demise of its veteran star, Om Puri, our neighboring nation, Pakistan was making paranoid fears around his passing.

Pakistani News Channel ‘Bol News’ has guaranteed that the late on-screen character’s phantom has been looking for requital.

While the news was broadcast in Pakistan on January 14, it has become visible in India now! All on account of our Hindi News Channel, “Aaj Tak” that detailed about this odd news that stood out as truly newsworthy in Pakistan.

In the video, that was circulated on January 14, Aamir Liaquat, a grapple with ‘Bol News’, asserted that Om Puri’s phantom has been seen before his Mumbai home.

They sponsored their hypothesis with a CCTV film!

Watch the video here:

In the recording, a man, wearing a white kurta is seen strolling, which the channel cases is the phantom of Om Puri. The grapple claims Puri’s phantom was spotted outside his Mumbai home looking for retribution against Ajit Doval, India’s national security guide, who as per them is purportedly in charge of the performing artist’s passing.

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