OMG! This ‘Ishqbaaaz’ actress got ROBBED!

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April 4, 2017
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OMG! This ‘Ishqbaaaz’ actress got ROBBED!

It’s not each day you run over cases about performers falling prey to burglary or deluding burglaries.

We have seen a few cases previously, where a few on-screen characters have been misled relating the same.

The most recent to be the casualty of such a case is the “Ishqbaaaz” on-screen character and as of late wedded, Navina Bole.

Yes! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Navina as of late stopped her auto on Link Road outside Citi Mall, Andheri (Mumbai) for just five minutes and the following thing she saw was something that left her confused!

She saw that her auto was broken into and her sack was stolen which had some critical archives, some money, and her ATM cards.

Navina took to Facebook to address the issue and illuminate everybody on how stunning it was and all the more essentially that such an example occurred without trying to hide on the bustling streets of Mumbai. Nobody saw it or presumably decided to not see it –

Woah! That is in reality a stunning case, would it say it isn’t?

We had a go at reaching Navina anyway, she stayed inaccessible.

We trust things are sorted soon, Navina!

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