Poorna: Movie Review: It’s more than what you expected!

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Poorna: Movie Review: It’s more than what you expected!

The story depends on genuine occasions that happened Poorna Malawat’s life, the most youthful young lady to overcome Mt. Everest.

The film opens with a view from the highest point of Mount Everest! At the base of which our main character, Poorna, is seen lying inside a tent as she experiences high fever. While she nods off, the flashback anecdote about how she arrived, starts!

Aditi Inamdar plays the focal character of the film, Poorna Malawat. Her execution in the film is second to none! Her appearances, the Telugu expression, the blamelessness and the sort of straightforwardness she has kept up before the camera is seldom observed nowadays.

The character of her cousin, Priya, is played by S. Mariya, will most likely make an impact on your psyches! The bond between both the sisters and also amongst Poorna and Praveen Kumar sir (Rahul Bose) is indicated delightfully on the screen.

Discussing Rahul Bose, he is a quiet executioner! Straightforward yet a great execution of his aptitudes. He likewise made a great showing with regards to as a chief of the film.

The supporting characters simply add to the excellence of the film. Utilization of Telugu with Hindi improves the reasonable experience and the foundation score and furthermore the tunes add to the vitality to the film.

Despite the fact that you know about the peak of the film, these viewpoints recorded above, keep you fascinated all through!

In this way, here’s my rating: ****/5 (Four stars out of five)

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