Sameer to SAVE Naina from goons’ attack in ‘Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai’

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Sameer to SAVE Naina from goons’ attack in ‘Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai’

Sony TV’s famous show, Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai as of late exhibited the blossoming sentiment amongst Sameer and Naina, influencing Sameer to understand that his vengeance design will hurt Naina a ton when she comes to think about it.

What’s more, now, the up and coming scenes will just indicate the dramatization with a great deal of activity, where Naina (Ashi Singh) and Sameer (Randeep Rai) alongside a cluster of companions will be seen getting assaulted by a pack of goons.

Also, obviously, as they are simply young people, they will be threatened and frightened which will prompt a pursuit grouping between them.

Be that as it may, the couple and their companions will confront one snapshot of predicament where they will be kind of caught by the goon posse and will have no real way to go.

Also, there are no prizes for speculating, as none other than Sameer will have a HERO minute, where he will approach and toss the heap of leaves to the goon’s face in a keen way with the goal that he can spare Naina and whatever remains of the group.

In any case, has all issues finished that effortlessly for the gathering of companions? The truth will surface eventually.

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