Shilpa Shinde ACCUSES Benaifer Kohli’s husband of ‘Sexual Harassment’!

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March 25, 2017
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March 25, 2017

Shilpa Shinde ACCUSES Benaifer Kohli’s husband of ‘Sexual Harassment’!

Appears as though there is some blame in the stars of our tinsel town.

The entire Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover battle had not in any case soaked in and here we are detailing another real battle in the business.

Be that as it may, this isn’t a new battle yet a re-touched off one.

Keep in mind Shilpa Shinde and Benaifer Kohli’s ‘Enormous FIGHT’ over the previous’ amateurish state of mind in &TV’s ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai?’

Recently, late night, Shilpa Shinde recorded an instance of lewd behavior on ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’s’ ex-maker Benaifer Kohli’s better half Sanjay Kohli!

Here is a duplicate of the F.I.R that SpotboyE has set up:

“I had been working in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai since November 20. Our set was situated at Palghar. Ideal from the earliest starting point, Sanjay Kohli has dependably carried on in a way that would put me to disgrace yet, I favored disregarding in light of the fact that you run over such sort of individuals in the TV business all the time.

Frequently, he would he pass comments like: I like you a great deal. You are exceptionally hot. You are extremely hot.

And keeping in mind that truism such things, he would embrace me strongly and would touch my abdomen and bosoms.

I would oppose yet he would disregard the occurrence saying: Oh, it was a slip-up. Gone ahead yeh sab toh chalta hai.

For quite a while, I stayed silent on the grounds that my cash was pending with him and I expected that I would not get my well deserved cash. In any case, Sanjay’s conduct never showed signs of change and this irritated my mental peace.

I addressed his significant other Binaifer Kohli who requesting that I remain calm. Rather than supporting me she debilitated me saying that she would toss me out of the show and demolish my profession.

The following day, Sanjay went into my make-up room and said that he doesn’t need me out of the show. He likewise communicated his craving to get into a physical association with me since as indicated by him it was not off-base.

He stated: I can’t take my eyes off you and had a go at embracing and kissing me. I pushed him away and in the in the mean time, our cosmetics man Bharat otherwise known as Pinku Patwa left the loo and saw the episode. Sanjay then left and the following day I became more acquainted with that Pinku was sacked.

I don’t recollect the date and time yet Sanjay at the end of the day requested a sexual support from me.

He additionally said that we would go open air to advance the show, remain in a similar room and fulfill each other. Sanjay additionally stated: If you oppose, I can even compel myself on you.

The following day Sanjay called me to the workplace and said that in the event that I opposed in giving sexual favors, I would be sacked from the show.

On March 3, 2016, Sanjay pronounced me as amateurish and said that I have a ton of fits which is the reason I am getting supplanted. The declaration was made in the media. He didn’t pay me for the time of March 2016. Post this I got a couple work offers however even there Sanjay talked sick about me and took a stab at demolishing my profession, consequently I am left with no work starting at now.

This arrangement of occasions has put me to disgrace and agitated me rationally.”

The on-screen character has held a question and answer session today at her place and plans to deliver the points of interest to the media.

In any case, we got an official explanation from Benaifer’s camp which read, “Whatever we can state is that matter is subjudice, we have full confidence in the legal. We would prefer not to give her superfluous significance for her undeniable false charges.”

All things considered, God knows which turn will this case take. Continue perusing this space for more updates.

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