Star Plus and Colors’ shows going stable and effective

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July 30, 2016
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August 1, 2016

Star Plus and Colors’ shows going stable and effective

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein leading ladies Ishita and Shagun’s catfights are not seen these days, as Shagun is playing safe and precise. Shagun did not leave anything to point at her while she made Ishita’s kidnapping possible by using Raman’s newly hired lawyer Anil Nagpal. Though Ishita doubts that Shagun is definitely hiding something, the latter’s good behavior and concern towards Bhallas for last seven years gives a clear chit to her image. Ishita suspects Niddhi and her partner in crime, but has to reach Shagun’s truth soon. On the other hand, Pihu and Ruhi are the strong points in the show. There is much drama around them currently.

Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka got a divorce track lately. Prem and Simar were uniting with love, but something shocking makes them get distant. Prem and Simar known for their eternal love are facing troubles in their married life. Its because of the evil Kaal’s child that Simar had by the curse. Simar’s child will be shown grown up in the show post the major leap.


There would be major confrontation between Suraj and Chakor in Colors’ Udaan. Vivaan comes to rescue Chakor from Suraj. Suraj suffocates Vivaan and gets his suppressed anger out. Suraj admits that he knew about Chakor hindering his marriage plan with Tina and being responsible for making Tina run away. Chakor insults Suraj to provoke his anger. Suraj raises hand to slap her, and she turns stronger like before. Vivaan is always Chakor’s great support. Imli also bursts her anger out on Suraj and regrets to love him before. She regrets for having Suraj’s child in her womb and considers her love to be a big mistake. Imli’s bitter words affect Suraj’s heart some how. Chakor tries to make Suraj realize that he has unknown feelings for Imli and he should better accept his love for Imli, than torturing Chakor. Chakor is determined to change Suraj.

Colors’ weekend horror thriller Kawach got evil spirit Monjolika’s mother Saudamini’s spirit as well. Both the spirits are busy controlling Rajbeer and Paridhi. Paridhi visits a temple and tries to keep Manjolika’s spirit away by getting some spiritual powder to put on her. On the other hand, Rajbeer controlled by Saudamini is hurting his own family emotionally. Rajbeer is selling his ancestral house and getting property on his name. Saudamini succeeds to get his signatures on the property papers. Later, Rajbeer shocks her by telling everyone that signatures do not belong to him. Meanwhile, Paridhi locks Monjolika in a room and puts the spiritual line outside it to control her for some time, till she finds a sure shot solution to get rid of Monjolika forever.

Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein got things better for the lead Riya’s marital life. Riya is living happily with her husband Shivam, and got accepted by her in-laws happily. Shanti has understood Riya’s worth and goodness, and heartily agreeing to her by understanding the things explained by Riya with her modern take. Shanti realizes its time to change her thinking, as both Riya and she want the same for family, that’s betterment.

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