Twists around Gauri’s daughter post leap in Kaala Teeka

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August 29, 2016
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August 31, 2016

Twists around Gauri’s daughter post leap in Kaala Teeka

Yug loves Kaali, but circumstances forced him to marry Gauri. Yug’s mother Leela does not want Kaali to be her daughter-in-law. Gauri and Leela join the hands to separate Kaali from Yug’s life and create misunderstandings which make them far way from each other. Later, Yug finds out Gauri’s truth and makes her away from his life. Yug marries Kali which is not acceptable by Gauri.

Gauri repeatedly tries to harm Kaali, so that she can move out of her way. Kaali faints while performing Puja as Gauri attempts to harm her by putting a poison in her safety pin. Doctor informs them that Kaali is dead. Yug understands it could be a Gauri trick and goes to drag her from the hotel. Gauri starts crying and acts to make Kaali fine by burning Kapur on her palm. Slowly, the poison effect goes and Kaali regain consciousness. Everyone believes Gauri, but Yug is not ready to believe Gauri and asks her to leave.

Gauri feels insulted and wants to take revenge from Yug and comes back to Chaudhary house as a servant. She brings a fake astrologer and makes Leela believes that an evil spirit has possessed Kaali and it can be a danger on Yug’s life. Leela gets worried and decides to sacrifice Kaali. Manjiri gets to know about Gauri’s lies and brings a real astrologer to reveal the Gauri’s truth. Kaali angrily slaps Gauri for her bad deeds and mischief. In a fit of rage, Gauri spills the beans that Leela motivated her to marry Yug as she does not like Kaali to be her daughter-in-law which shatters Yug.

The show moved on with a three month leap where Gauri has completed her three month jail term and is back to the family to reveal that she is pregnant with Yug child. Yug asks her to stay with them for the child’s sake. On the other hand, Kaali too gets pregnant, but she is unaware of her pregnancy. Vishwaveer and Gauri get to know about Kaali’s pregnancy and bribe the nurse to hide the reports from Kaali.

Vishwaveer hatches a plan to make Kaali out of their lives and takes her to the cliff and reveals her pregnancy that makes Kaali very happy. Vishwaveer pushes Kaali from the cliff, but fortunately Kaali gets saved by mentally unstable man Nandu and goes into coma. Everyone think Kaali committed suicide and is dead. Yug’s mother Leela force Yug to marry Gauri and give name to his child. Yug agrees as he thinks Kaali is dead and gets married to Gauri.

The story then takes a leap of seven months where Gauri admitted in a hospital for delivery. Vishwaveer gets to know that Kaali is alive and is admitted in the same hospital. Gauri delivers a baby girl named Naina. Vishwaveer gets to know that Naina will be a danger to his life, so he kidnaps Naina and keeps in a floating basket in a river. On the contrary, Kaali gets to know that Yug married Gauri and thinks to end her life. Kaali hears Naina’s cry, stops herself and thinks to start a new life with Naina. Yug and Gauri are in shock with the missing of their daughter.
The destiny brings Manjiri and Kaali together in a temple, where Kaali reveals Vishwaveer’s truth of pushing her from the cliff. Manjiri brings back Kaali to their house. Everyone thinks Naina is Yug and Kaali’s daughter. Gauri is very angry by seeing Kaali along with her daughter. Gauri kidnaps Naina from the cradle and throws her out of the window. Naina falls down in a moving truck and gets saved. Kaali starts searching for Naina and gets to know that Naina was in the truck. She follows the truck and misses at the last moment. On the other hand, the purohit asks Vishwaveer to search Naina and kill her, else his life will not get saved.

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